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Carev Vrv is a mountain peak of the Osogorevo Mountains with an altitude of 2,085 m above sea level, and it is about 25 km away from Kriva Palanka, and about 20 km away from the Ponikva ski resort. It is also known by the Turkish name of Sultan Tepe. The climb to Carev Vrv can be made from two sides. 

The place itself has excellent opportunities for the development of sports and recreational tourism. Suitable terrains for ski slopes, as well as for the construction of a modern ski centre have been identified in this area. 

At the very top, there is a building that was built in the thirties of the last century that was used as a military fortification by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The two largest rivers in the city, the Kriva River and the Duračka River originate from the Osogovo Mountains in the territory of the municipality of Kriva Palanka.

In the immediate vicinity, below the top of Carev Vrv, there is the highest spring (1,800m) where the Kriva River, the longest and largest river in Kriva Palanka, springs.

The Rouen Mountaineering Association traditionally organizes a transverse climb to Carev Vrv every year (at the last weekend in June). The transversal starts from Kriva Palanka, through St. Joachim Osogovski monastery, then goes to the locality Ljuljki, then Sveta Voda, the locality Kalin Kamen and the top of Kalin Kamen, through the Altn fountain to Carev Vrv as the final destination.