Connecting Perls – Western Balkans, Serbia, North Macedonia


St. Demetrius Church is located in the area of the central part of the town of Kriva Palanka. It was built in 1833, as evidenced by the inscription above the western entrance door from the outside. 

According to its architectural concept, it is a three-nave basilica with an open porch in the west and northwest and a low semi-circular apse in the east.  In 1935, a bell tower was built on the south side. 

The internal organization of space is typical of this temple.  In the western part of the floor, there is a gallery, whose conception in the shape of the letter P and the decoration of the empire is more reminiscent of decorative interiors of rich townhouses from the XVII and XIX centuries. 

The iconostasis construction was richly decorated with floral motifs and landscapes.

Three rows of icons that were created in the second half of the XIX century were placed on it. The Royal Door, whose upper horizontal field is rendered with deep carving, and the Cross – crucifix are gilded. The interior of the church was painted by the painter Dimitar Andonov Papradiški in 1887. The iconostasis was richly decorated with natural, panoramic and floral motifs and landscapes.

The frescoes on the western facade, the figures of the archangel Gabriel and the archangel Michael, on the south and north sides, are the work of the painter Dimitar Andonov Papradiski. About 104 icons are recorded in the same temple.

Near the church, there was the Enger house, where the first church-cell school was founded in 1817. Joachim Krčovski used to teach there and the city leaders of those days were educated there.

The church was built by the great efforts of the city leaders and founder David Jerej in 1833. On the south side of the temple, a bell tower was erected in 1935.