Connecting Perls – Western Balkans, Serbia, North Macedonia


Grdelica Gorge was formed ten kilometres south of Leskovac, where the Leskovac basin transforms into a mountainous forest area of the gorge. It is the first narrowing in the composite valley of the South Morava in southeastern Serbia. Its southernmost part is called Moma’s gorge. The South Morava River flows through the Grdelica gorge. 

At the scientific symposium of ecologists in Bratislava, it got the nickname “The Balkan Beauty;” after the participants were shown a film about the Grdelica gorge. Tourism in the gorge has not yet developed, but there are accommodation capacities and the potential for future development. Predejane, a mountain resort surrounded by forest and hills, sheltered from wind and fog and suitable for vacation is located 25 kilometres from Leskovac.

The attractiveness of this location is reflected in the increasingly popular rafting and the additional event programme, rocks suitable for free climbing, the vicinity of Kukavica mountain and the Predejane picnic area. In recent years, there have been more and more visits from the free-climbing fans.

Near the site, there is the Monastery of St. Nikola Oraovic, the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in Grdelica, Archangel Gavrilo Temple and the pool in the village of Predejane. Among the activities in Grdelica gorge, the 10km long Grdelica regatta stands out, a traditional event organized by the Cultural centre of Grdelica with the support of the local community and the city of Leskovac.