Connecting Perls – Western Balkans, Serbia, North Macedonia


St. Nicholas Church in the village of Gradec is a relatively large single-nave building built in the XIX century, with an open porch on the west and partly open on the south side. 

On the south side, in the continuation of the porch towards the east, a closed dining room was added. The interior of the church has a three-nave layout, which is achieved by pillars. 

The ceiling is flat with blind domes, three of which are in the central nave.

The frescoes have been preserved only in the proxomidia niche, where the “Descent from the Cross” scene was painted and an extensive text from the proxomidia service was written on it.

The author of the fresco is Georgi Jerej, and it was created in 1876. A large wooden iconostasis with the imperial door, shallow carvings and gilding were preserved. According to the inscription on the icon of St. George, the icons of the iconostasis are, supposedly, made by Evgenij Kuzmanovi from Debra in 1869.  51 icons have been recorded.