Connecting Perls – Western Balkans, Serbia, North Macedonia


Roštiljijada is the biggest festival in Southeast Europe that promotes catering and grilled meat, with an emphasis on the tradition of Leskovac barbecue. 

This event, held during the week of the transition from August to September, is visited by several hundred thousand guests from Serbia, Bulgaria, the Republic of North Macedonia, Slovenia and other nearby countries. 

Roštiljijada is an event by which Leskovac is recognized. During its seven-day duration, over 450,000 guests visit the event. Roštiljijada is the authentic, the biggest and the most visited barbecue and meat festival in this part of Europe. 

It is planned that Roštilijada gradually changes its concept, following European standards, but at the same time without losing its basic concept – affirming the preparation of culinary grill specialities.

Istraživanje 30 ključnih turističkih lokaliteta u Leskovcu i Krivoj Palanci

In recent years, a lot has been done in the organization of additional content (concerts, fashion shows, carnivals…) to attract the younger population in particular. Everything was done to attract tourists from all over the world, by improving the quality and organizing a carnival based on the “Oktoberfest” from Munich.

Alongside the accompanying events that are attractive to the audience, the organizers strive to affirm the production of grilled meat and making barbeques specialities on a higher level, through seminars, competitions of chefs and students, round tables, lectures and expert symposia.

Every year at the end of August and the beginning of September, the citizens of Leskovac break the record for making the biggest burger in the world, and this event is the place where the best version of the popular meat and vegetable stew Leskovac “mućkalica” is made.

Along with quality programs, entertainment, concerts and new experiences, professional lectures and competitions are organized that are adapted to the wishes of tourists, different target groups and age categories.