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Saint Theodore Tiron church in Konopnica, near Kriva Palanka, was built in 1885 and according to its own architectural concept, it represents a rare example of a building with “circular” architectural patterns of Asia Minor or Georgian-Armenian type, like the church in Alaman from 610-617, and old Clement “St. Panteleimon” Church on Plaošnik from the end of the XIX century.

 The church in the form of an equilateral trefoil was built from hewn stone, while its three-sided blind dome was shaped by a wicker structure covered with plaster. It is assumed that the plan for the church was drawn up by craftsmen who worked in Vlaška – Romania.

The cultural event of the “Adoration of the bride” of St. Theodore Tyrone is deeply rooted in generations, so this way they nurture the cult of St. Theodore Tyrone, who is believed to be the protector of the family and childbirth.

In the courtyard of St. Theodore Tiron church in the village of Konopnica in Kriva Palanka, the Day of St. “Theodore Tiron” is traditionally annually held, with a great national assembly.

The day of the event is Sunday, and the date is different every year depending on the Orthodox religious calendar, but it always happens at the first weekend at the beginning of Easter Lent.

The cultural event “Adoration of the bride” of St. Theodore Tyrone is deeply rooted in generations that did not nurture only the cult of Saint Theodore Tyrone, who is believed to be the protector of family and childbirth. Generations and generations came to worship. Brothers and mothers-in-law dressed in their most beautiful national costumes, came to be blessed by the priests for a healthy family and childbirth.

As a folk custom, this tradition was preserved until 1977, after a 33-year break, suggested by the mountain guide Stojanc Veličkovski from Kriva Palanka, to be restored as a kind of cultural attraction, and the sponsor of the event is the municipality of Kriva Palanka.

The event is attended by all young brides who got married between the two Todor Saturdays, accompanied by their mothers-in-law dressed in authentic national costumes from their region.

The event is open and the participants can register from all over Macedonia and abroad. The event is a kind of an exhibition of national costumes and unique customs where the main role is played by the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.